How To Customize ID Lanyards?

ID lanyards are great pieces of accessory that provide both function and design. They conveniently hold identification cards, badges, keys, and other small, easily lost items while still providing a stylish touch when worn around the neck.

Generic lanyards are okay but still those that are personalized are more preferable. Customized lanyards provide better brand or institution representation, impart a sense of pride to the one wearing it, give extra security to the staff or company personnel, and look cooler, too.

Now, customizing quality lanyards is not difficult. Within just a few minutes, you can get your order done and delivered in a considerable amount of time.

To know more, here is the step by step procedure on how to get personalized ID lanyards from us.

Selecting Lanyard Type

We offer six different types of lanyards to suit our customer’s needs and wants. Regardless of your personality, company theme or budget, we can assure you that there is something for you.

The first, most popular type of lanyard is the polyester. Available at 5/8”, ¾”, and 1” width, it offers great comfort when you wear it. Moreover, flat polyester lanyards make up good materials for printing, therefore quality text or logo design is guaranteed. Also, its reasonable price gives the best balance between quality and price compared to the other lanyard types.

ID Lanyards

For those who are in a tight budget, probably the best lanyard type to choose is the tubular. Depending on the quantity that you wish to order, tubular lanyards can go for as low as $0.50 apiece. Not to be mistaken by its cheap price, tubular lanyards also boast good performance and looks. It is made from tube-stitched polyester twill fabric, giving it a shoelace-like hardiness and finish.

Another type of lanyard is the woven type. This type is perhaps the most elegant-looking lanyard among the others. The designs requested by our customers are weaved into the lanyard with thread, mimicking the process of embroidery. Because of this procedure, it is only suitable for small and simple designs. Complex designs will most likely result to disfiguration of the image or text.

Cord LanyardsThe fourth type of lanyard is the nylon lanyards that are the most expensive ones in our inventory. To reason for their relatively high price, nylon lanyards are the most durable, most resistant to wear and tear among all types of lanyards. These are the perfect choice for customers who are concerned about the item’s longevity. Furthermore, matching its tough qualities, it also possesses great aesthetic value. Its material gives the item a shiny finish, and with the perfect precision of silkscreen, our customers design will be portrayed in the lanyard perfectly.

For those who are more concerned about the lanyard’s design above any other factors, the dye sublimated lanyard is the best selection. When logos or texts are imprinted, the dye or ink seeps all the way through into the polyester material of the lanyard. As a result, the imprint will not easily wear off, crack or fade even when subjected to extreme conditions.

The last type of lanyard is the cord or shoestring type. This type is the most unique among the rest in terms of shape or form. Instead of the flat finish, cord lanyards look like more of the traditional lanyards because they are round. Because of its shape, it gives excellent comfort especially when worn inside the collar. Moreover, it is only 5mm in width, therefore only texts can act as good design.

Selecting Lanyard Attachment and Other Options

LanyardTo hold items securely, ID lanyards must have attachments. We offer four choices for attachments: the bulldog clip, swivel j hook, key ring, and thumb trigger. Other attachment options like the cell phone loop, oval hook, and thumb hook are paid by the customer.

Aside from the lanyard attachments, additional options can also be added for an additional cost. Among the additional options are safety breakaway, buckle release, horizontal and vertical badge holders, and adjustment bead.

Designing the Lanyard

Our online imprint design builder makes it easier for customers to come up with their own design. Different styles like the lanyard color, imprint patterns, text style, and imprint logo can be customized with real time preview.

After the designing stage, there is nothing more to do than to get a quote, pay and wait for the order to arrive at your own doorstep.

Options And Different Variations Of Custom Challenge Coins

When customizations are not yet widely available, custom challenge coins are unknown items for a lot of people. Military and certain organizations are the only ones who use them. Before, challenge coins can be compared to a treasure which not everyone can afford and have.

Now, there are already lots of businesses which make customized coins. Because of this, groups of any sorts became interested in using challenge coins as their identification. Customization is easy anyway. You just have to choose an emblem or design to be stamped on your challenge coin, the size of it, the shape, cut, and style.

Military Challenge Coins

These coins are widely used in US, British, German, Australian, and Canadian military forces. Challenge coins are given to the outstanding members of these forces to acknowledge their performance and service. Custom challenge coins boost the morale of the soldiers. They get a brand new energy and motivation to serve their country whenever they get challenge coins.

Military Coins

These coins are also used to commemorate a significant event, to remember the fallen members, and to foster camaraderie and espirit de corps.

Challenge Coin “Coin Check”

This is a tradition associated with challenge coins. Coin Check is usually done in a bar. A challenger will ask a challenged person to present his challenge coin. If the challenged do not have his coin with him, he has to buy a drink for the challenger. If the challenged was able to present a coin, then it was the challenger’s obligation to buy a round of drinks for the group.

Coin Check is definitely a fun game. Its purpose is to develop camaraderie among the members of the group.

Organization Coins

These custom challenge coins are used during events of various organizations to serve as souvenirs for the members and their guests. The coins commonly contain the logo of the organization.

Challenge coins are also used by business people for marketing purposes. They embed their product logo on the coins and disseminate them during marketing campaigns.

Wedding Coins

Challenge coins are also great items to remember a special occasion like weddings. Like the organization coins, wedding coins can serve as souvenirs for the guests. The photo of the newly wedded couple can be embedded on the challenge coins.

Custom Challenge Coins Options

If you are to purchase challenge coins for yourself or a group your part of, these are the options that you have.

1. Metal Styles

What type of material do you want for your custom coins? These options may affect the color of your coins. The common metal styles are polished gold, silver, brass, and copper, as well as antique gold, silver, brass, and copper metal. There are also duo tone and black nickel metals.

2. Diamond Cut Edges

To give your coin an elegant and stylish finish, you can customize its edges or the coin’s border. Your options for this are standard or plain edge, rope cut edge, cross cut edge, weave cut edge, and oblique cut edge.

3. Packaging Options

The first challenge coin was placed in a small leather pouch. You can mimic that or choose one of these packaging options: clear PVC pouch, customized imprinted clear pouch, velvet bag, and velvet box.

4. Additional Options

You can make your challenge coins personalized by adding more features. Instead of the traditional circle shaped, you can customize the shape of your coins. You can also have texts engraved on the side part of your challenge coin.

If you opt for a gleaming effect, you can add an epoxy coating to your coin. You can also choose 3D or cutout designs. For additional function, you can recreate your custom challenge coins as key chains and bottle openers.

How to Make Safety Presentations More Engaging

Safety experts always say that getting employees involved in safety presentations is one of their biggest challenges. However, there are some ways to make safety talks easier.

Alternate Presentation Formats

presentationsMeetings that are held with the same safety talk over and over will not keep the interest of the employees. The safety trainer has to combine it with several other training formats. It is a good idea to create a PowerPoint presentation or show video clips during the meeting.The trainer can also create safety-related games.

Invite another Speaker or Look for a Useful Recording

No matter how good a safety speaker is, the employees might get bored of listening to the same person. Once in a while, it is fine to consider having another voice. Invite someone to talk with the employees or show webinar footage to all the attendees of the safety meeting.

Use Training Aids

The message in safety presentations must be clear to help the participants remember the safety talks and engage them with the topics. The safety trainer must connect with the target audience through various ways and times. Numerous studies point out that when trainees are surrounded by images, handouts, posters, quiz cards, video and audio messages before and after the presentation, they become engaged with the subject and remember the information better.

Improve Presentation Abilities

Undoubtedly, training materials play a big role in the success of the presentation. However, even if there are interesting training resources, the safety trainer most likely has to practice using them. Perhaps about 20 minutes of practice in front of the mirror every week would help a lot.

Encourage the Employees to Participate

The easiest way to do this task is to ask the employees to make things more interactive by contributing to the safety presentations. The trainer can ask several employees to take turns reading safety pointers, participate in the discussion, and interject examples and questions during the presentation. These things can greatly impact their engagement. Moreover, it could help make a bigger sense of responsibility among employees.

Relate to Current News

There are actual examples of essential safety messages everywhere. Most people watch and read the news. The core message in a safety presentation will be a lot more effective if it relates to current safety events, public announcements, and headlines.

Lead an Open Discussion

Employees have their own experiences regarding safety at work. The trainer is responsible in asking them to share these experiences with the group. Before the training, the trainer can interview some of the employees and persuade them to share their stories about a particular safety topic. Engagement can be built through this.

Change the Place of the Meeting

Safety presentations are mostly held in the same place or room. The trainer may take the initiative to change rooms and provide some visual aids such as banners and posters. Furthermore, if the training involves a safety topic about a big machine or equipment, the whole group could go to the location of the equipment so that the trainer can discuss the topic better.

Every Meeting Should Be a Learning Opportunity

People enjoy learning, especially if the topic is something really important. Not every employee knows what to do during an emergency or how to use a fire extinguisher properly. Keep them interested by ensuring they leave the presentation with something new.

Keep the Presentation Simple

The safety presentations have to be short so that employees would absorb the messages better. Meetings held more often are better than putting all the important information in a long session.By trying these strategies, getting employees engaged shouldn’t be a problem – even if you’re a complete beginner in providing such meaningful discussions.

Using Lawyers Help in Loan Modification

How can lawyers help homeowners in the loan modification process? First off, it is important to know what loan modification is and when to avail of this service. Mortgage modifications are offered all over the country, including in Long Island, New York. A mortgage modification is more or less the same as a mortgage refinance in the sense that both are ways for the borrower to be able to afford his or her monthly payments. In a Long Island loan modification or alteration, the existing mortgage’s terms will simply be modified.

legal-proThe housing market, especially in Long Island, has shifted for the worse in today’s hard economic times. Plunging home values have rendered loan refinancing somewhat impossible. However, there are ways for a homeowner to save his or her home and avert foreclosure. To answer many homeowners who find themselves dealing with imminent foreclosure, the United States government has created various programs for these homeowners to save their homes. One of these programs is the Long Island loan modification and there are many qualified lawyers who can help homeowners in this complex process.

To qualify, a candidate for a loan modification must be in financial hardship, but must be able to come back to if the bank or lender grants the loan modification. Real estate attorneys adept at loan modification matters will help the borrower prepare the case and negotiate with the banker or the lender. The lawyer will examine closely the mortgage agreement and the prior mortgage process’s circumstances to determine if the lender has committed any usurious lending violations, in which the violations can be utilized to support the borrower’s appeal.

The first step for the borrower in going through the Long Island modification process is to first contact the lawyer who will guide the borrower in every step of the way. The attorney will sit down with the client and prepare a Hardship Letter, which is the first opportunity to explain to the bank or lender the borrower’s financial difficulty and his or her ability to pay modified monthly amortizations.

Next, the lawyer will help the client in getting and presenting the required financial documents including 2 months of pay stubs, 2 months’ worth of bank account statements, the client’s latest income tax return, and a home appraisal. In the Long Island loan modification processing, the lawyer will help in the preparation of a monthly budget (the client’s monthly expense and monthly income) to show that the client is having a significant change in his or her financial situation.

In qualifying for the loan modification program, one must be the owner of a 1 to 4 unit property. What is also important is the amount one owes on the mortgage as compared to the home’s value. One may be eligible for the loan modification program if the borrower’s home has a worth of at least 125 percent of the home’s outstanding balance.

Moreover, one’s taxes, insurance, mortgage, and any dues should be more than 31 percent of the client’s combined gross monthly income. These are needed for the borrower to qualify and the borrower should be in financial difficulty. If the borrower is qualified for the Long Island loan modification plan, the borrower is put into a trial modification for a few months to ensure that the borrower can tackle the new payment scheme. The time is also enough for the borrower to hand in the proper financial proofs and documents.

Another advantage of using a lawyer’s help is that bankers and lenders tend to respond to them more quickly and that they also grant those loan modification applications filed by lawyers. Thus, one is wise to get in touch with a lawyer to help with a loan modification.