The Right PCB Fabrication Solution

Looking for the best solution pertaining to problems on your desired PCB project? We, Imagineering, Inc., are ready to help you with your needs. For your PCB fabrication demands and other capabilities related to printed circuit boards, we ensure to you that our services will want you to work with us for the rest of your projects in the future.

As an established industry, we have remained at the peak of high standards when it comes to PCB production because of our five competitive advantages:

Shipping logistics, CAM USA, quick-turn production, overseas manufacturing and significant price saving. For over 27 years. Imagineering, Inc. is known to be the country’s most experienced and innovative offshore PCB supplier that offers small quantities in 5-6 days and 2-3 weeks of production.

PCB AssemblyWe have succeeded in maintaining our reputation in terms of competitive pricing, on-time delivery and product quality. As a customer, consider our extended service as your advantage as we are well-versed and capable of performing PCB fabrication at out offshore facilities in China, Taiwan and Korea. Through a reliable outsourcing scheme, we can accommodate your PCB fabrication needs on time and with less cost without any consideration with regards to production volume.

Several renowned companies including Sony Electronics, HP, Whirlpool, Motorola, and Intel have been our customers. Given the proprietary business relationships that were established between our customers and the company, we can ensure to you that your projects under our care will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Over the years, our goal is to allow our customers to trust us in providing them with high quality and on-time delivery in the long run.

Pcb fabricationYou may have doubts about our scheme of outsourcing an overseas manufacturer to fulfill solutions to your problems. Our company has made the right decision in terms of tapping the best manufacturers and so it is an assurance that our systematic approach in dealing with your projects will result in high quality products that can be delivered on time. To realize our objectives, our stringent pre-fabrication stage will identify all the necessary problems and adjustments encountered.

As part of maintaining the advantage in our design and assembly services, we use a variety of inspection procedures to ensure our product functionality. Electrical testing, sample lot and cross-section inspections, and visual inspection of all PCBs are done to accomplish this.

Aside from on time delivery and product quality, we also care for our customers by offering cost-effective prices for their projects. Given our economies of scale, we are sure that you will be benefited as you save more money while enhancing your other business prospects involving large-scale and complex PCB fabrication requirements. This benefit is accounted for by the fact that our company has tapped PCB manufacturers that are disciplined and highly skilled in the craft.

PCBOur firm offers several types of PCBs including Flex PCB, Rigid PCB and Multi-layer PCBs. To better improve the performance of your circuit design, we provide substrates such as Nelcro, Arlon, Taconic, Aluminum Core PCBs and many more. Our circuit boards are made with materials having high glass transition temperatures. The materials comprising these boards are specially formulated to ensure superior performance. In addition, they are optimized for enhanced drilling performance. Through the use of high-end fabrication techniques available, our boards have an improved productivity with its fast-cure system.

Our assembly capabilities include, but are not limited to, wire harness assembly, flip chip, flex circuit assembly, thru hole, SMT and cable assemblies. Our PCB capabilities include the following: 0.003” trace/space, 0.005” minimum drill size up to 40 layers, 22 layer fabrication, 3 mil line width and spacing, and many others.

We also offer PCB surface fishes such as ENTEK/OSP (organic solder preservative), immersion gold (Au), immersion silver (Ag), immersion tin (Sn) and several others.

We are highly adaptive to strict product specifications and regulations under several legislations. We manufacture PCBs that are in compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. Our RoHS capabilities include lead-free surface finishes, halogen-free solder mask and High performance FR-4 material. If you have certain specifications regarding your desired project, we are always flexible in providing you with various alternatives that you can choose to better suite your needs.

Imagineering, Inc. is the first company to offer to their customers an online full turn-key quote system. Conceptualizing this scheme accomplishes our goal of providing a quick response time to our customers with regards to accommodating their problems. After a few minutes of uploading your bill of materials (BOM) sheet, you can then receive quotes from us through our online quote engine.

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