How to Make Safety Presentations More Engaging

Safety experts always say that getting employees involved in safety presentations is one of their biggest challenges. However, there are some ways to make safety talks easier.

Alternate Presentation Formats

presentationsMeetings that are held with the same safety talk over and over will not keep the interest of the employees. The safety trainer has to combine it with several other training formats. It is a good idea to create a PowerPoint presentation or show video clips during the meeting.The trainer can also create safety-related games.

Invite another Speaker or Look for a Useful Recording

No matter how good a safety speaker is, the employees might get bored of listening to the same person. Once in a while, it is fine to consider having another voice. Invite someone to talk with the employees or show webinar footage to all the attendees of the safety meeting.

Use Training Aids

The message in safety presentations must be clear to help the participants remember the safety talks and engage them with the topics. The safety trainer must connect with the target audience through various ways and times. Numerous studies point out that when trainees are surrounded by images, handouts, posters, quiz cards, video and audio messages before and after the presentation, they become engaged with the subject and remember the information better.

Improve Presentation Abilities

Undoubtedly, training materials play a big role in the success of the presentation. However, even if there are interesting training resources, the safety trainer most likely has to practice using them. Perhaps about 20 minutes of practice in front of the mirror every week would help a lot.

Encourage the Employees to Participate

The easiest way to do this task is to ask the employees to make things more interactive by contributing to the safety presentations. The trainer can ask several employees to take turns reading safety pointers, participate in the discussion, and interject examples and questions during the presentation. These things can greatly impact their engagement. Moreover, it could help make a bigger sense of responsibility among employees.

Relate to Current News

There are actual examples of essential safety messages everywhere. Most people watch and read the news. The core message in a safety presentation will be a lot more effective if it relates to current safety events, public announcements, and headlines.

Lead an Open Discussion

Employees have their own experiences regarding safety at work. The trainer is responsible in asking them to share these experiences with the group. Before the training, the trainer can interview some of the employees and persuade them to share their stories about a particular safety topic. Engagement can be built through this.

Change the Place of the Meeting

Safety presentations are mostly held in the same place or room. The trainer may take the initiative to change rooms and provide some visual aids such as banners and posters. Furthermore, if the training involves a safety topic about a big machine or equipment, the whole group could go to the location of the equipment so that the trainer can discuss the topic better.

Every Meeting Should Be a Learning Opportunity

People enjoy learning, especially if the topic is something really important. Not every employee knows what to do during an emergency or how to use a fire extinguisher properly. Keep them interested by ensuring they leave the presentation with something new.

Keep the Presentation Simple

The safety presentations have to be short so that employees would absorb the messages better. Meetings held more often are better than putting all the important information in a long session.By trying these strategies, getting employees engaged shouldn’t be a problem – even if you’re a complete beginner in providing such meaningful discussions.