How To Customize ID Lanyards?

ID lanyards are great pieces of accessory that provide both function and design. They conveniently hold identification cards, badges, keys, and other small, easily lost items while still providing a stylish touch when worn around the neck.

Generic lanyards are okay but still those that are personalized are more preferable. Customized lanyards provide better brand or institution representation, impart a sense of pride to the one wearing it, give extra security to the staff or company personnel, and look cooler, too.

Now, customizing quality lanyards is not difficult. Within just a few minutes, you can get your order done and delivered in a considerable amount of time.

To know more, here is the step by step procedure on how to get personalized ID lanyards from us.

Selecting Lanyard Type

We offer six different types of lanyards to suit our customer’s needs and wants. Regardless of your personality, company theme or budget, we can assure you that there is something for you.

The first, most popular type of lanyard is the polyester. Available at 5/8”, ¾”, and 1” width, it offers great comfort when you wear it. Moreover, flat polyester lanyards make up good materials for printing, therefore quality text or logo design is guaranteed. Also, its reasonable price gives the best balance between quality and price compared to the other lanyard types.

ID Lanyards

For those who are in a tight budget, probably the best lanyard type to choose is the tubular. Depending on the quantity that you wish to order, tubular lanyards can go for as low as $0.50 apiece. Not to be mistaken by its cheap price, tubular lanyards also boast good performance and looks. It is made from tube-stitched polyester twill fabric, giving it a shoelace-like hardiness and finish.

Another type of lanyard is the woven type. This type is perhaps the most elegant-looking lanyard among the others. The designs requested by our customers are weaved into the lanyard with thread, mimicking the process of embroidery. Because of this procedure, it is only suitable for small and simple designs. Complex designs will most likely result to disfiguration of the image or text.

Cord LanyardsThe fourth type of lanyard is the nylon lanyards that are the most expensive ones in our inventory. To reason for their relatively high price, nylon lanyards are the most durable, most resistant to wear and tear among all types of lanyards. These are the perfect choice for customers who are concerned about the item’s longevity. Furthermore, matching its tough qualities, it also possesses great aesthetic value. Its material gives the item a shiny finish, and with the perfect precision of silkscreen, our customers design will be portrayed in the lanyard perfectly.

For those who are more concerned about the lanyard’s design above any other factors, the dye sublimated lanyard is the best selection. When logos or texts are imprinted, the dye or ink seeps all the way through into the polyester material of the lanyard. As a result, the imprint will not easily wear off, crack or fade even when subjected to extreme conditions.

The last type of lanyard is the cord or shoestring type. This type is the most unique among the rest in terms of shape or form. Instead of the flat finish, cord lanyards look like more of the traditional lanyards because they are round. Because of its shape, it gives excellent comfort especially when worn inside the collar. Moreover, it is only 5mm in width, therefore only texts can act as good design.

Selecting Lanyard Attachment and Other Options

LanyardTo hold items securely, ID lanyards must have attachments. We offer four choices for attachments: the bulldog clip, swivel j hook, key ring, and thumb trigger. Other attachment options like the cell phone loop, oval hook, and thumb hook are paid by the customer.

Aside from the lanyard attachments, additional options can also be added for an additional cost. Among the additional options are safety breakaway, buckle release, horizontal and vertical badge holders, and adjustment bead.

Designing the Lanyard

Our online imprint design builder makes it easier for customers to come up with their own design. Different styles like the lanyard color, imprint patterns, text style, and imprint logo can be customized with real time preview.

After the designing stage, there is nothing more to do than to get a quote, pay and wait for the order to arrive at your own doorstep.