Options And Different Variations Of Custom Challenge Coins

When customizations are not yet widely available, custom challenge coins are unknown items for a lot of people. Military and certain organizations are the only ones who use them. Before, challenge coins can be compared to a treasure which not everyone can afford and have.

Now, there are already lots of businesses which make customized coins. Because of this, groups of any sorts became interested in using challenge coins as their identification. Customization is easy anyway. You just have to choose an emblem or design to be stamped on your challenge coin, the size of it, the shape, cut, and style.

Military Challenge Coins

These coins are widely used in US, British, German, Australian, and Canadian military forces. Challenge coins are given to the outstanding members of these forces to acknowledge their performance and service. Custom challenge coins boost the morale of the soldiers. They get a brand new energy and motivation to serve their country whenever they get challenge coins.

Military Coins

These coins are also used to commemorate a significant event, to remember the fallen members, and to foster camaraderie and espirit de corps.

Challenge Coin “Coin Check”

This is a tradition associated with challenge coins. Coin Check is usually done in a bar. A challenger will ask a challenged person to present his challenge coin. If the challenged do not have his coin with him, he has to buy a drink for the challenger. If the challenged was able to present a coin, then it was the challenger’s obligation to buy a round of drinks for the group.

Coin Check is definitely a fun game. Its purpose is to develop camaraderie among the members of the group.

Organization Coins

These custom challenge coins are used during events of various organizations to serve as souvenirs for the members and their guests. The coins commonly contain the logo of the organization.

Challenge coins are also used by business people for marketing purposes. They embed their product logo on the coins and disseminate them during marketing campaigns.

Wedding Coins

Challenge coins are also great items to remember a special occasion like weddings. Like the organization coins, wedding coins can serve as souvenirs for the guests. The photo of the newly wedded couple can be embedded on the challenge coins.

Custom Challenge Coins Options

If you are to purchase challenge coins for yourself or a group your part of, these are the options that you have.

1. Metal Styles

What type of material do you want for your custom coins? These options may affect the color of your coins. The common metal styles are polished gold, silver, brass, and copper, as well as antique gold, silver, brass, and copper metal. There are also duo tone and black nickel metals.

2. Diamond Cut Edges

To give your coin an elegant and stylish finish, you can customize its edges or the coin’s border. Your options for this are standard or plain edge, rope cut edge, cross cut edge, weave cut edge, and oblique cut edge.

3. Packaging Options

The first challenge coin was placed in a small leather pouch. You can mimic that or choose one of these packaging options: clear PVC pouch, customized imprinted clear pouch, velvet bag, and velvet box.

4. Additional Options

You can make your challenge coins personalized by adding more features. Instead of the traditional circle shaped, you can customize the shape of your coins. You can also have texts engraved on the side part of your challenge coin.

If you opt for a gleaming effect, you can add an epoxy coating to your coin. You can also choose 3D or cutout designs. For additional function, you can recreate your custom challenge coins as key chains and bottle openers.

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